Thursday, November 22, 2012


Since it's been Thanksgiving for about 30 minutes, and I'm stuck at work without the ability to spend this holiday with my parents I guess I should blog about the things I AM thankful for.

  • God granting me the right to wake up and see the wonders he has blessed us all with.
  • My wonderful family.
  • My absolutely perfect friends.
  • My dog.
  • A roof over my head.
  • A job that I'm happy to do, and that makes me feel like I'm doing some sort of good in the world.
  • A good income to afford things I want.
  • Coworkers that go out of their way for each other.
  • The ability to know God has blessed me in each and every way he can.
  • The knowledge of God's love for me; that he sent his only son to die for my sins.
I need to take some time out of my schedule to set aside for volunteering. I need to help out the less fortunate because I have the ability and want to do so. I need to go out of my way for them because I would only hope that if I was in their position, someone would do the same for me.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. <3

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lions, Tigers, and... Demons? Oh my!

I don't know how many people I've told this story to over the years, but I have to kind of give background about what's going on now, so here goes.

I moved to Denton, TX for college in July of 2010. When I was in the process of moving from my parents house, I got real into Chrisitianity. I was reading my bible, praying, and actually making an effort to hear God's word and revolve my life around Him. I've always struggled with my beliefs, and this time honestly was no different.

About a month or so after the move, I started having nightmares. In these nightmares I would be with people when all of a sudden, their face would contort, and in my dream they were possessed by demons. These dreams got increasingly worse as the days went by, and I eventually was terrified to fall asleep because of these dreams. The last one I had, I called my mom crying because I was so scared. She agreed to come the next day and we went to a store that specializes in the occult so to say, and they listened to what she had to say and gave me stones to place around the room my bed was in, as well as, stones to place in my pillow. I keep those in my pillow to this day, by the way. A little while after the stones came, I started questioning if whether I really believed in God or not. I realised that, at that time, I didn't and immediately came out as an Atheist. I will admit, after that happened the dreams stopped. Completely.

Flash forward to 2012, where I met this absolutely beautiful, amazing woman who introduced me to Catholicism. I discussed my journey a couple of blog posts ago. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago the dreams started again. I have a rosary bracelet to remind me to pray the rosary, as well as show others my Catholicism without wearing a crucifix on a necklace. Anyway, for a few days there I stopped wearing it while I was sleeping (keep in mind the only time I usually take the bracelet off is to shower). I would ponder why these dreams were happening when I decided to make sure I put my bracelet back on before I went to sleep to see if it helped, long story short it did. Also, while the dreams have been going on, I've had an increase in an uneasy feeling while I'm upstairs, one night I woke up and could have sworn that I heard someone moving downstairs (and it wasn't Harlow in her cage), and things have gone missing which is more annoying than anything else.

I went home last Monday because my mom found out she had a bought of skin cancer on her leg, of course I couldn't NOT be there for her. While I was home, my sleep was undisturbed by nightmares, except for when I purposely didn't wear my rosary bracelet. Anyway, I came home last night and stayed up pretty late because I knew I had to sleep all day for work tonight. While I was sleeping, I was plagued by the dreams again. I would wake up and be so tired that I would immediately fall back into a nightmare fueled sleep. While dreaming, I do remember trying to recite the Lord's Prayer, I didn't recite it very well, and I don't really remember if it worked, but I'm hoping that it will.

Tonight at work, I decided to look up what exactly it all means. Spiritual warfare, plain and simple. I'm also terrified by all this because last time the demons won. I shut myself off from God, and I can't do that. At all. Prayers would be wonderful, as always. :)