Thursday, February 16, 2012

Being in the south means be called ma'am, deal with it.

About a week ago in my woman's psych class, (I know, I know, I hear you complaining already) we were discussing how here in the south waitresses/waiters are likely to call you ma'am, sugar, baby, honey, hon, etc. Personally, I see nothing wrong with this considering we ARE in the south and if you were born/raised here you learn to say ma'am/sir and the sweet talk just kind of comes with that territory.

I call people for my current job and 99.9% of the time we're calling other people in Texas. That being said, I get called ma'am, A LOT. It used to bother me until I brought it up to my mom who said, "Danielle, seriously? They're just being polite.", then I realized that we kind of are in the south and I was raised the exact same way.

Even if I don't live in the south when I'm older, have my children, etc, etc, I'll be teaching them to say yes ma'am/no ma'am, yes sir/no sir cause it's just polite. It's definitely a whole 'nother world to go somewhere and not be called ma'am or not to even use it. Not using it is kind of a joke, I don't think I've ever, you know, not intentionally not said it.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, if you're in the south you kind of have to get used to it. People are going to call you sweet names. It happens. I know I'd rather be called ma'am to miss any day.

P.S. if this blog post doesn't make much sense, blame it on my sickness. I'm currently laying in bed where I have been all day with the exception of taking a test that I didn't study for. I hate feeling sickly. :( Please send good vibes my way you lovely, lovely people.

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