Friday, February 10, 2012

A Little Bit About Me, Etc, Etc

First off, if you haven't gathered yet, I'm a vegan who lives in Texas. Whoa. I know. It's a little weird for me too, you know, being surrounded by barbecue and all. From there I guess what you really need to know is I'm a 21 year old, psychology undergrad in Denton.

I'm going to use this blog as a chance to vent, make shit up, and probably just put off my course work- which is very intensive this semester I might add- so just kind of bear with me. My grammar won't be perfect, but whatever, my blog my rules right?

All that said I suppose I should tell everyone why I'm vegan, or when I became vegan? I don't know ha.

To start, I've been a vegetarian for the past, mmmm... 9 months I think? During that time I met a boy, fell in love, and got dumped. I won't go into details because I'm not upset anymore and I kind of see him as a best friend than anything else I suppose. Anyway, the night we broke up I couldn't sleep so I just made coffee and decided to stay up all night and make good use of my iTunes gift cards I received for Christmas (thank you Aunt Judy and Rachel!) and I bought a vegan book. I bought "Vegan Freak..." by Bob and Jenna Torres and I must say it has opened my eyes A LOT.

I was eating cheese during my vegetarianism but once I learned what is in it and what makes us like it so much, I knew I had to cut it out. Seriously, that shits gross. Anyway, I'm not here to lecture anyone and be all "you NEED to be vegan, blah, blah, blah" because frankly, it's disrespectful and I wouldn't want you doing that to me.

That being said I have been crackcheese free since January 21, and I honestly, couldn't be happier. I'm proud of myself for coming this far and as much as I would love everyone to stop eating meat, etc, it's really not my place to make anyone do anything.

Of course, I'm here to talk if you have any random questions to ask about said veganism, what it's like living in Texas, you know, just anything.

Til next time. xx

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