Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Updates and stuff..

I completed day 2 of work today. So far I really, really like it. I've spent these two days training for the job and such, and I took the certification test to give ANSA's. I passed on the first try so that was awesome. I'm kind of annoyed cause I did so well on the practice tests, but then barely passed the final test, I digress.

I think tomorrow I shadow someone. I don't know how excited I am about that. I'm kind of scared honestly. It's supposed to be a slow day too. I think that makes it worse. Oh well, hopefully it won't be so bad.

Scalp picking hasn't stopped, but I think it has gotten better. We shall see in the end.

I've been ridiculously tired after work, and I had to order a toll tag so I get to pay cheaper tolls on the roads. Bleh. I've been trying to resist that, but the drive home is so much faster when I take the toll road. Anyway, it's been good. I'm glad I did this honestly. I can't wait until I get more used to the schedule and then I'll start doing yoga either in the mornings, or when I get home. I don't know the best time to do yoga, and I'll have to wake up 30 minutes earlier if I want to do yoga.

My relationship has kind of been non-existent. I know the boyfriend is busy, and I'm busy but we haven't talked since Saturday I think? Maybe this relationship isn't a good idea? I don't want to believe that though. I think we could make it work if we try and not give up on it. Giving up is the worst.

We'll see. I really, really wish I could fast forward a few years. Hmph.

Oh, yeah, I turn 23 in 5 days. It definitely doesn't feel like it should be my birthday soon. I don't feel any older. I don't feel the usual excitement for my birthday either. Is this what it's like to be an adult? Birthdays just start being regular days? I'm not feeling that... not one bit.

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